Spice It Up: Common Spices That Fight Cancer

Right inside your spice cabinet, you’ll be able to find those cancer-fighting tools that would help you boost your immune function and ward off illness, particularly cancer.

These spices have been used for centuries and were proven to have the ability to induce a change in certain cellular processes, especially those involved in cell differentiation, cell division, apoptosis, drug metabolism, and immune system competence.

Here Is The List Of Flavourful Spices With Cancer-Fighting Properties:


When it comes to dealing with cancer diseases, turmeric is the king of all spices. It contains curcumin that eliminates numerous cancer cells including pancreatic, stomach, bladder, kidney, brain tumors, colon, liver, prostate, leukemia, bone, breast, ovarian cancers, and melanoma. It safely promotes cells death without touching or hurting other healthy cells.

In addition to this, turmeric is also known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties which can help treat infection, improve digestion, support wound healing and reduce inflammation.


Saffron is packed with a good punch. It has Crocetin, a natural carotenoid dicarboxylic acid with cancer-fighting effects. It prevents tumor growth and progression of cancer.


Cinnamon is a natural food preservative that can be useful in reducing tumor growth by blocking the formation of new vessels in the human body. It has been known as a spice and medicine for many years. You can simply have a teaspoon of cinnamon a day to lower your risk of cancer.

You can start your day with a cinnamon tea. A warm glass of milk with cinnamon and honey before going to bed would also be great.


This famously-known spice has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties that work effectively at reducing inflammation and lowering the risk of cancer. Its active component known as gingerol can inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells and promote apoptosis in ovarian cancer cells.


Fennel is a rich source of antioxidants and Phyto-nutrients. Its major component “anethole” suppresses the enzymatic regulated activities behind cancer cell multiplication. You can have roasted fennel with parmesan or tomato-fennel soup with garlic or fresh salads.


Aside from aiding in digestion, cumin seeds can also prevent the spread of cells responsible for prostate cancer. Thanks to its compound called ‘Thymoquinone’ which has powerful antioxidant characteristics. Season your bread with cumin seeds or add it on your sauces to make it more flavorful.


Garlic is part of the cancer-fighting allium group. Studies have found that it can lower the risk for various types of cancer particularly prostate, stomach, colon, and intestinal cancer. Its strong antibacterial properties can block formation and activation of cancer-causing substance, slow down cancer cell reproduction, enhance DNA repair, induce apoptosis and boost the immune system.


In addition to its high levels of antioxidants and antimicrobial compounds, oregano also has a phytochemical known as ‘Quercetin’ which can slow cancer growth and promote apoptosis. Studies have found that it can protect the body against prostate and colon cancer.

Result of a study conducted at Georgia State University showed that consumption of
whole ginger extract can shrink prostate cancer tumors in mice by 56%.

Add small amounts of cancer-fighting spices to your daily meals. As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine.”