TOXIC Chemicals In Cigarettes Are Also Found In Most Common Foods, Medicine And Vaccines

Smokers are usually judged by people around them as folks who have completely given up on their health and wellness, with the knowledge that all the chemicals in their cigars are filling their lungs and blood with carcinogens. But did you know that most of the chemicals in cigarettes are also found in foods we commonly eat, in over-the-counter medications, and in vaccines?

Sometimes, when a person is diagnosed with cancer, nobody can seem to figure out how he got it. Medical doctors usually blame genetics, only because they never took a single class on nutrition in medical college, and even if they did, they still have no clue how much it matters.

Here is the list of the chemicals in cigarettes that are also present in most common food, water, immunizations, and prescription medications:


Cigarette smoke has high levels of aluminum (699 – 1200 mg/g), which is NOT needed by the body. Over time, aluminum consumption can lead to dementia and cancer. This chemical can easily be found in processed cheeses, tap water, food additives, antacids, pickles, wine, pharmaceuticals, and many vaccines.


Most cigarettes are rolled in a white paper. However, the paper comes from trees, and trees are brown. This only shows that the paper is bleached. With every inhale, smokers are smoking a little of bleach, which burns their soft epithelial tissue inside their throat, lungs, stomach, and their cleansing organs, thus leading to cancer of the bladder, prostate, and pancreas.

Most white foods are bleached too. Some of these foods include white pasta, white sugar, white bread, white flour, white salt, and white rice (except for basmati). You should stop judging smokers from sucking down chemicals all day because there is a possibility that you are also doing the same.


Present in tobacco smoke is a highly toxic metal known as lead, which significantly contributes to cancer risk by accumulating in tissues, thereby causing serious effects on the brain, red blood cells, and nervous system. Also, lead has been found to cause behavioral problems and lowered IQ.

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) found that lead is present in 20 percent of baby foods and at least 14 percent of other foods. It was found that more than a million children consume more lead than the FDA’s set limit. A parent should be very careful and watch out for those lead-loaded cookies and fruit juices.


This chemical is an embalming fluid used to preserve corpses for open-casket viewings. This deadly ingredient is present in cigarettes, new clothing, carpeting and in most vaccines. Pro-vaxxers swear up and down there’s not enough in vaccines to cause damage to the humans that are injected with it. But why is it that the vaccine industry has shelled out over $4 billion, yes billion, in vaccine injury damages in the past few decades? Most of them are for the deadly multi-dose influenza vaccines that are also loaded with mercury.

No matter what a doctor or nurse says in those “peer review” journals, you should never let them stick a needle in your muscle tissue and inject formaldehyde or mercury (a.k.a. thimerosal).

Chemical Herbicides

Due to the “superweeds” that strangulate tobacco plants and decrease yield, tobacco farmers use boatloads of chemical herbicides. Roundup, which is manufactured and sold by Monsanto, is the most popular herbicide in the world.

Roundup contains about 50% glyphosate, which is an acid molecule implicated in dire health consequences for humans around the globe. Smokers smoke it and consumers eat it. Glyphosate can be found in children’s cereal and most conventional bread. It is present in sugarcane, tap water, and most grain products that aren’t organic. Experts have made scientific correlations between glyphosate and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).

Chemical Insecticides

Deadly chemical insecticides are used by tobacco harvesters in getting rid of their farm’s hornworms and budworms. These same chemicals remain on and inside the tobacco leaves, get smoked and serve as the “fuel for the fire” that breeds lung cancer cells.

Genetically modified crops, such as canola, soy, and corn contain insecticides that kill rootworm beetles who eats corn and bean leaf beetles; stink bugs that eat soy; and armyworms and cutworms that eat canola. These chemicals dissolve the digestive tract of the insects and destroy their reproductive abilities.

When it comes to human, this genetically-infused chemicals can cause liver and kidney damage in animals, and humans are animals.


Cigarette manufacturers use ammonia to freebase tobacco. Due to this, the nicotine becomes exponentially more potent as a vapor and within 3 seconds, it reaches the heart and brain. With every puff, smokers are smoking ammonia. Mix that with bleach and you have a deadly gas. A lot of conventional meat is bleached and ammonia-treated to kill salmonella and E. coli. After this, the meat is dyed back pink or red to look attractive in the butcher’s window.