Microwaving Takes Away Almost All Nutrients In Certain Foods

Your health can possibly get worse if you ruin the nutritional value of the food you are about to eat, and a Green Med Infoarticle warned that putting your food into a microwave oven is the quickest way to destroy its nutritional value.

The days of cooking whole, fresh foods on the stove or in the oven seems to be just a thing in the past. Today, you just pop prepared food into the microwave oven and wait for a few minutes and then voila, your meal is ready.

Heating is not just what microwaving does to your food. It also changes the flavor and texture, turning the food tasteless, rubbery, and with a dull smell.

But still, people put up with these kinds of drawbacks because it was fast, convenient, and simple. They were also being told that microwave heating does not lose the nutrients in food, so they could still get the nourishment desired.

Recently, new research says that microwaved foods are not as healthy as they were presented to be. These studies indicated that the microwave energy is damaging the essential nutrients of food, making the meals possess lesser the amount of nourishment than they should have.

Microwaved Food Can Very Nearly To Lose All Of Their Nutrients

A University of Texas (UT) review from 2008 presented that the minerals found or extracted in fresh products could decrease by as much as 40 percent once they are exposed to the damaging microwave energy. Even proteins are affected much the same way.

In 1999, Scandinavian researchers reported that the microwave heating procedure reduces the number of vitamins present in the vegetables after they analyzed asparagus spears before and after cooking them inside a microwave oven.

There was also a 2001 experiment by researchers from Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), proving that garlic exposed in a microwave energy for just one minute disabled all of the allinase inside it. This means that without this superb bioactive compound, this superfood would not be able to restrain the spread of cancer.

And in 2003, a CEBAS?CSIC study put broccoli in a microwave oven, zapped it, and later evaluated and measured the amount of antioxidants that remained. They also did another test by just steaming a single bunch of the same vegetable. The test results showed that the microwaved broccoli lost almost all of its antioxidants, as well as a lot of its glucosinolates and phenolic compounds – these compounds bring other health benefits. On the other hand, the steamed broccoli just lost a meager 11 percent of antioxidants.

Stop Using Microwave Ovens And Switch Back To Traditional Cooking

Based on all the facts laid out by these series of studies, it could be expected that you really need to avoid using microwave ovens to cook food. Not only are you ingesting irradiated, toxic substances, but you also lose out the important nutrients your body needs.

If you try putting fatty foods in a plastic container and heat them in a microwave, they will release several toxic substances that can contaminate your food. For example, dioxins can cause cancer in living organisms. There are also other toxins that can be found in plastic containers like polyethylene terephthalate, xylene, benzene, and toluene. These chemicals are derived from fossil fuels and are toxic to humans. Moreover, heating food in a microwave can also form radiolytic compounds that can definitely harm your wellbeing.

It’s better to do the old-fashioned way of preparing and cooking food than to consume a potentially toxic and nutrient-deprived out of the “magic box” meal. Eat plants that are fresh, slightly heated, or uncooked.

When it comes to meat products, you can prepare them by steaming, sautéing, and baking. Making a soup or a stew is another great idea of preparing them.